Russell Crowe Dita Von Teese Rumors, Actor Premieres 'Broken City'

Russell Crowe has made several headlines about both his personal and professional life this week.

The 48-year-old actor is allegedly spending time with pin-up girl Dita Von Teese, according to the U.K.'s The Sun, which reported that the pair were together at New York City's Four Seasons Hotel last month.

The rumored romance arose after arguably flirtatious messages were exchanged between Crowe and Von Teese last year.

Meanwhile, Crowe's professional career continues to flourish. The New Zealand-born actor's latest film "Broken City" alongside Mark Wahlberg opens in theaters this Friday, Jan. 18.

The actor jokingly described the movie to his thousands of Twitter followers on Sunday.

"Yes, Broken City is the movie I show off my stylish Newt Gingcrich hair do as a fictional mayor of New York, Mark Wahlberg, CZJ, Barry Pepper," Crowe wrote.

He also noted the incredible technological developments that allowed him to conduct interviews for "Broken City" from his home ahead of the film's premiere.

"I'm going to do some interviews for the U.S. release of Broken City via satellite from the bush," wrote Crowe. "What a fascinating modern world we live in."

Furthermore, Crowe was a cast member in the critically acclaimed film "Les Miserables," released Christmas Day. The film by Tom Hooper went on to earn the Golden Globe Award for Best Musical during Sunday's ceremony.

Crowe also recently wrapped up filming the fantasy movie "Winter's Tale" in New York City, and has reportedly returned to Australia in order to spend time with his children Tennyson, 6, and Charles, 8.

The actor shares his two children with ex-wife Danielle Spencer, from whom he split in October of last year.

The Academy Award winning actor is best known for his roles in films such as "A Beautiful Mind," "Cinderella Man," "Robin Hood," and most recently, "Les Miserables," among many others.

Next year, Crowe will appear in Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" alongside Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly.