Ryan Braun Cleared of Steroid Use

It has been reported that Ryan Braun’s failed steroid test earlier this month was due to medication he was taken, not illegal steroids.

Originally reported by ESPN, NL MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. The finding, which was vigorously disputed by Braun, led to a Major League Baseball imposed 50-game suspension. It was reported that Braun took a second test, which showed that he had normal levels of testosterone.

However, last week sources began to disclose that the failed test wasn’t due to performance enhancing drugs, but a medication Braun is taking for an undisclosed condition, according to Fox News. It has been reported that the medication contained the substances which caused the failed test. Braun reportedly didn’t know the medication contained a banned substance.

A spokesperson for Braun said that the situation was “highly unusual” and that he was confident Braun would be cleared of the accusations. However, BALCO founder, Victor Conte, believes the new findings won’t change Major League’s Baseball stance on the issue.

In a KNBR report, Conte suggested that Braun will inevitably serve the suspension.

“This is a double whammy for him. Unless there’s some chain-of-custody issue, other technical problem during the collection and transport process…I believe he’s going to serve the 50-game suspension,” Conte said.

According to reports, Braun tested positive for a banned substance that wasn’t a steroid or performance enhancing drugs.

It is unclear if Braun received a “medical benefit” from the medication, but according to Conte, the substance was found at an extremely high level, the highest ever recorded.

Conte, who is in the sports nutrition and conditioning business, added that performance enhancing drugs are becoming more sophisticated. He says that players are using fast-acting testosterones in the form of gels, creams, patches and orals that clear up too quickly to detect.

“They could conceivably, after a game, use testosterone to help with tissue repair and healing and recovery and by the time they’d show up the next day, their PE ratio would be normal,” Conte said.

Braun, who has never previously tested positive for banned substances, is an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. He hit 33 homeruns in 2011, along with 111 RBIs and a batting average of 332. He is a four-time all-star, four-time silver slugger, 2007 rookie of the year and is the reigning National League MVP.

He is disputing and appealing the results of the tests. If the ruling is upheld, he will serve a 50-game suspension at the beginning of the 2012 season.