Ryan Buell 'Surprising Docs' With Pancreatic Cancer Recovery

Ryan Buell, star of "Paranormal State," has been open about his battle against pancreatic cancer. Now the 30-year-old star has said he is "surprising doctors" with his amazing recovery and is winning the battle.

"Hopefully, getting to say I'm cancer free by Christmas!" Buell responded when asked by a fan what the best thing that's ever happened to him is. Buell held a Twitter chat with his followers and provided updates on his health.

"[I] still have a ways to go, but I am surprising doc w/ how well I'm recovering, apparently," he explained.

Buell told the world of his diagnosis in July and has used his fame to bring awareness to the struggle against pancreatic cancer. He has kept in touch with fans through Facebook and Twitter, providing encouragement to anyone else with cancer.

"I know the pain that you will feel. And the pain for treatment. SOLDIER ON! Let's think of one another during these moments, even though we don't know each other," he posted on Facebook.

Buell grew to fame for his interactions with the paranormal on his hit A&E series. It was a show centered on the adventures and interactions between the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) and its clients.

"When I was a kid, my experiences with the supernatural terrified me, and I've been searching for answers ever since. When I got to Penn State, I realized I wasn't alone in my quest, so I founded the Paranormal Research Society, dedicated to helping those who were haunted like I was," Buell explained in the opening credits of "Paranormal State."

Even though the show is no longer on A&E, the PRS has remained busy at Penn State, with Buell making guest appearances and speaking to crowds. The PRS team even has their own fan club and they host events, at which Buell frequently speaks.