Ryan Dunn to be Memorialized on MTV Special

Co-stars of recently deceased "Jackass" star and stuntman, Ryan Dunn, have shared memories of Dunn’s life in a one-hour television special set to air on MTV Nov. 28.

Dunn's life will be chronicled from his childhood in Ohio up until the time he joined the crazy crew of daredevils.

Long time friend and “Jackass” collaborator, Spike Jonez, will produce the show.

Interviews to air on the show will include Dunn's best friends and co-stars Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, and Bam Margera.

The founding member of the group, Knoxville, released a statement "It's a surreal thing to undertake, doing a tribute to our brother Ryan's life. I still can't believe he's gone but we wouldn't trust anyone else with this, so we are doing the best we can for Ryan, his family, friends, and everyone who loved him."

Dunn died in a fatal car accident in June. It was determined he was drunk driving and was two times the legal limit as he crashed his Porshe911 into a tree while going an estimated 130 mph.

In addition to "Jackass," Dunn was a regular member on "Viva La Bam," a show that followed his best friend Bam Margera's life, and prior to both these shows he was in the "CKY" crew doing many of the same stunts he became known for.

Dunn had been working on a show at the time of his death, G4's "Proving Ground," where he served as co-host with Jessica Chobot. According to the show's website, "Dunn and Chobot put some of the most iconic moments from film, television, and video games to the test." It debuted just six days before his death.

Despite his early passing, Ryan Dunn came under fire as a reckless person who caused his own death. Many did not sympathize in his passing because of his drunk driving, speeding, and the 23 other traffic violations he had to his name over the last few months of his life.

To make matters worse, just a few hours before the accident, Dunn posted a picture of him and his buddy on Twitter, each having a drink in hand.