Ryan Dunn Video Tribute Draws Online Contempt, Nostalgia

A video posting to the late Ryan Dunn depicting his unusual and eccentric stunts and pranks was uploaded on June 30 by the “Jackass” production team as a tribute for their deceased companion.

Dunn, who suffered a fatal car crash a few hours after midnight on June 20, was said to have been driving under the influence (DUI) at 130 mph when his car skewed off track and crashed into trees, causing his Porsche to burst into flames.

The five minute video intended to depict and relive memorable moments in Dunn's career was empathetic and did ignite a sense of nostalgia as well as humor for many fans. But at the same time, the gesture proved offensive to a second group who flooded the commentary sections of various online media outlets with “hate” and negative comments.

The upset commenters questioned how Dunn can be celebrated given his apparent irresponsible behavior and breaking of the law, which not only caused his own death but the death of his colleague, Zachary Hartwell, who also died in the crash as a passenger.

Some commenters called him "murderder" or "manslaughter-er," while others chose to remember the better aspects of Dunn’s life, vowing to pray for him. Dunn’s death has captivated netizens who have come out to voice out their opinions on what they believe is right and wrong.

Although to the eyes of many, Ryan Dunn's decision to drive after drinking alcohol proves to be despicable, others, nonetheless, have taken this occasion to emphasize how each person is valuable, no matter who they are and what they have done.

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