Ryan Gosling Bloody, Brutalized for 'Only God Forgives'

Ryan Gosling was seen bleeding, bruised and pale in the woods of Thailand for his upcoming star role in "Only God Forgives," a crime thriller.

Ryan Gosling's usually handsome visage and dapper good looks were almost unrecognizable. A prosthetic nose he wore was badly mashed, both eyes were bruised to the point of nearly shutting, and the entire left side of his head was severely bloodied. In addition, his white dress shirt and tie were covered with a make-up artist's well done- albeit shockingly bloody- handiwork, no doubt.

Gosling, 31, should be expected to be a little roughed up during the filming, though. In "Only God Forgives," the Canadian actor plays an ex-boxer and a gangster who goes up against Bangkok police to avenge the death of his brother.

 Because the film calls for Gosling to fight in a Thai boxing contest, he had to undergo rigorous Muay Thai training, according to Daily Mail. In the pictures, he can be seen traipsing through Thailand's densely wooded areas with film staff.

Gosling also put himself through boxing training just to get in shape before taking on the role. Onlookers saw the 31-year-old training hard in Los Angeles, Calif. with a pair of boxing gloves.

"Only God Forgives" is "the strangest thing I've ever read and it's only going to get stranger," Gosling said of the project. It is written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also worked with the Golden Globe-nominated actor on "Drive."

Despite the recent transition into tough-guy, action-packed roles, Gosling has a soft spot for world causes. He has worked with PETA on various causes, volunteered to help Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005, traveled to Darfur to help children, and publicly opposed Joseph Kony and the LRA with Invisible Children- before it became a viral video recently.

Gosling is also scheduled to appear in "The Place Beyond the Pines," "The Gangster Squad," and "Lawless" in 2012.