Ryan Gosling Movie Poster Stirs Fans

A poster for a nonexistent film featuring Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney has fans clamoring for the real thing.

The what-if poster features Gosling as Disney sketching on a train as scenic grasslands and puffy clouds pass by the window. The ad for the potential biopic film on the father of Mickey Mouse was drawn by Paris-based artist Pascal Witaszek.

"Of a Mouse and a Man," read the poster's tag line, and Pascal listed Ron Howard as director, in addition to an A-list cast. Actors Michele Williams, Ewan McGregor, Marion Cotillard, and Matthew Fox were featured.

Witaszek released the poster online this week, and was met with overwhelming interest.

On Twitter, fans are posting their thoughts on "Walt," the would-be film starring the "The Notebook" actor.

"This poster for a fake Walt Disney biopic starring Ryan Gosling is just awesome," posted Ethan.

Geena wrote, "Man I wish this would become a real movie!"

"The artist who created this awesome faux movie poster needs to be a casting director," posted Twitter user Jamie, adding, "All it needs is Kate Winslet!"

Using the hashtag #MakeWaltHappen, Allie wrote, "I want to see this movie! Make it happen Disney fans!"

"Someone should make this film happen for real, I would see it in a heartbeat," wrote Andy.

Gosling has a history that involves Disney- he started his career as a part of The New Mickey Mouse Club, and was photographed with girlfriend Eva Mendes while visiting Disneyland recently.

The 32-year-old actor is a decade older than Disney was when he co-founded the famous film studio. Also, Gosling has portrayed a number of criminals in recent films lately, setting a criminal tone to his career.

Disney has not responded to inquirers about the poster yet.