Ryan Gosling Too Cool for TIME

Ryan Gosling was labeled Coolest Person of the Year by TIME magazine after losing out to Bradley Cooper for the title of Sexiest Man Alive.

Joel Stein of TIME magazine wrote, "We defined cool in the classic Marlon Brando way, an unshakable calm mixed with a confidence that comes from not needing others.”

He said, “Our Coolest Person Committee was determined to pick someone whose cool was tested and pervasive, obvious even to the dorks who work at this magazine.”

Ryan Gosling is Canadian born and attributes his early career, along with many others to The Mickey Mouse Club. He is better known for his role in "The Notebook" and most recent "The Ides of March." He is also a part of the indie rock band “Dead Man’s Bones.”

Gosling will compete against actor George Clooney on Jan. 15, at the Golden Globes. Both have been nominated under the category of best actor. Clooney has been nominated for “The Descendents” and Gosling for “Ides of March.”

MTV found the nomination shocking: “It's fantastic to see him getting recognized by the Globes this year. But it's what he was nominated for that left us shocked.”

Gosling also got a lot of media attention earlier this year when a video of him breaking up a street fight went viral. Stein described the actor as “tough but emotional”.

He said, “Ryan Gosling, the 2011 Coolest Person of the Year, is so cool that he refused to talk to me about this honor,” and although he claims “other magazine franchises might back down… and be their publicity monkey” in lieu of their commitment to cool and a pending deadline, Gosling will remain the coolest person of the year.