Ryan Lochte Hot Dog Honor: Olympic Swimmer Awarded a Pink's Combo (PHOTO)

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte has been honored by one of Los Angele's most famous hot dog stands with one of his own combo meals.

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Ryan Lochte)Ryan Lochte honored with hot dog.

Ryan Lochte offered a Twitter thanks on Friday after paying a visit to Pink's famous Los Angeles hot dog stand. The restaurant, begun by Paul Pink and a one-man pushcart, has been open since 1939 when a chilidog cost only 10 cents.

After arriving in L.A. Lochte sent out an open invitation asking if anyone would be interested in trying a Pink's hot dog with him. The restaurant in response, created a special combo just for the swimmer.

"Anyone in LA want to come try this with me tonight? ‪@pinkshotdogs ‪#jeah," Lochte asked.

The Lochte combo includes two of the restaurant's stretch hot dogs, topped with mustard, chili, French Fries and nacho cheese. The meal is completed with a side of "Olympian Champion" onion rings. The meal creation is spot on according to the swimmer, who says he can eat at least five dogs at a time.

"I've got to hand it to Pink's, they're dead on with this combo," the Olympic swimmer told E! News about his namesake meal. "I eat constantly, so the fact that it's not just one hot dog is awesome (seriously, I could eat five). And I guess the onion rings are supposed to represent the Olympic rings, which is cool. All that for eight bucks, COME ON!"

Pink's was also prepared with some mustard art and presented the swimmer with three hots dogs that read "Pink Love's Lochte." The swimmer posted his thanks to the restaurant on Twitter as well, after his meal was complete.

"Thank you @pinkshotdogs in LA for the welcoming... haha. Making the Ryan Lochte combo for the first time tonight!" he wrote.

Pink's is popular among other stars including Betty White, David Hasselhof, Kim Kardashian.

(Photo: Reuters/File)Ryan Lochte swims to win the men's 400m individual medley final at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Aquatics Centre July 28, 2012.