Ryan Lochte Reveals Winner Of Lunch Date Contest Via Twitter

Ryan Lochte, the swimmer who won gold in the men's 400-meter individual medley at the Olympic Games in London recently, revealed the winner of his "lunch date" contest to his one million Twitter followers on Monday. Understandably, many were left disappointed.

In what appeared to be an attempt to boost his Twitter follower base, Lochte recently announced that he would randomly select one of his followers to take out on a lunch date.

"Today is the day I find out who I'm taking to lunch from my 1 million followers," the Olympic gold medalist tweeted on Monday. "It's a random pick out of my followers."

Hundreds of female fans responded to his tweet with "pick me" type messages, although it appears that Lochte proceeded with a random selection.

"The winner of our Twitterdraw is: @getinADRIwidit #Twitterdraw," Lochte eventually tweeted. The winner was identified as a girl by the name of Adriana Rosas.

Little information was made available about Rosas, who, in contrast with Lochte, appears to live a more low key life. Her Twitter bio reads "UCLA and the Bay. What I like to call home :)," and she has just over 100 Twitter followers.

Fans flocked to the social networking site, where the vast majority expressed their disappointment in not being selected for the date.

"So I'm officially jealous of the random girl who gets to go on a lunch date with Ryan Lochte. Lucky," Carli Petow tweeted.

"Some girl from UCLA won the @ryanlochte lunch date contest. I think my life is over now :((" Grace Carlson tweeted.

"Sad day that @Kwaldschmidt and I couldn't win the @ryanlochte lunch date...guess well make up for it by eating with his cardboard cutout!" Maggie Krenek tweeted.

Picking dates could become a regular practice for Lochte as on Tuesday, it was revealed that the 28-year-old 11-time Olympic medalist is in talks with the ABC network to appear on "The Bachelor."

The reality TV show features various women who compete over several weeks to ultimately become the wife of "The Bachelor" himself, and critics suspect that casting Lochte as the leading man could help boost the show's ratings.