Ryan Seacrest Lady Gaga: Singer Gives Host ARTPOP MakeOver; Debuts 'Applause' (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @ryanseacrestLady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga recently stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show to debut her new single "Applause" and the "American Idol" host got more than just an exclusive when the singer opted to give him a makeover.

Gaga, 27, was spotted in Los Angeles on Monday wearing the same theatrical makeup that is seen on the cover art for "Applause," which is the first single off of her upcoming fourth studio album "ARTPOP." Seacrest was given the same colorful look and posed alongside the Grammy award-winning artist for an Instagram selfie.

Like Gaga, Seacrest flaunted hues of blue around his eyes and smears of orange and red around his cheeks and mouth. The radio personality, 38, even tried his best to imitate Gaga's seductive pose but evidently failed miserably.

"One of us was born this way, one of us needed to be touched up," Seacrest wrote in the Instagram photo caption.

In February, Gaga was forced to cancel the remainder of her "Born This Way" U.S. tour due to a labral tear of her right hip, which left her unable to walk. After taking extended time off to recover, the pop star appears to be ready for her highly anticipated comeback.

"ARTPOP is a celebration and a poetic musical journey through my friends and I hanging out and enjoying being pop stars," Gaga told Seacrest about her upcoming album. "And that's what really inspired the record is that time off."

Earlier that day Gaga lashed out at social networking hackers for allegedly leaking her new song "Applause" a few days earlier. It was officially released on Monday, one week earlier than she had initially scheduled.

"Due to hackers and abundance of low/high quality leaks, we issue this pop music emergency … monsters spread the word," Gaga dramatically tweeted.

"ARTPOP" is scheduled for official release on Nov. 11.