Friday, May 11, 2012
Sacha Baron Cohen Spoofs Politics at 'Dictator' Premiere

Sacha Baron Cohen Spoofs Politics at 'Dictator' Premiere

Sacha Baron Cohen has earned media attention after attending the premiere of his new movie, "The Dictator," in character as General Aladeen.

Well known for his antics promoting past films such as "Bruno" and "Borat," the actor appeared as the outlandish former leader of a fictitious Arab country.

The London world premiere of "The Dictator" saw Cohen roll onto the red carpet flanked by female bodyguards, similar to the late Libyan prime minister Muammar Gaddafi.

As the night progressed, the in-character Cohen poked fun at political issues of today by mentioning the recent News of the World phone hacking scandal in London.

Referring to News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch as his "wrinkly friend," Aladeen told fans that there was also phone hacking in Wadiya, the fictitious country where "The Dictator" takes place.

"Everyone who has a phone, we hack off their hands," said Aladeen.

In light of Obama's recent announcement supporting same-sex marriage, Aladeen said there was no homosexuality in the country of Wadiya and poked fun at two British political figures.

"Well in Wadiya we do not have any gays," said Cohen in character speaking to Reuters Television. "But I am very happy because yesterday Nicholas Clegg and David Cameron renewed their vows and now they are the world's most famous gay couple."

Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister, and Cameron, Prime Minister renewed their political alliance on Wednesday after both fell short during recent elections.

The comedy film follows Aladeen as he is overthrown in his country and deposited in the U.S.

Still speaking to reporters, Aladeen warned viewers that "they are free to come and see my movie, no pressure, no pressure. But if they don't, they are dissenters, we [know] their names and addresses, we are monitoring Twitter accounts and we know your routes to and from work. I'm joking of course, there's no danger!"

Anna Faris costars in "The Dictator," and told fans, "It's just so much fun, it's just outrageous," reported "So I think everyone will have a really good time. I'm a little bit nervous about my parents."

"The Dictator" opens in the U.K. as well as the U.S. on May 16.


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