Safeway to Stop Selling Pink Slime Beef

Some of the largest grocery chains in the nation have opted to stop carrying beef that contains "lean finely textured beef," otherwise known as pink slime, in their stores.

Safeway, SUPERVALU and Food Lion announced that they will no longer sell any meat product that contains the questionable filler in a written statement released yesterday. The companies explained that the decision was made due to numerous customer concerns.

"While the USDA and food industry experts agree that lean, finely textured beef is safe and wholesome, recent news stories have caused considerable consumer concern about this product. Safeway will no longer purchase ground beef containing lean, finely textured beef," according to the statement.

In addition to national food retailers, Walmart and Sam's Club have also come out and stated that they will be selling ground beef that does not contain the lean finely textured beef.

"Recently some customers have expressed concerns with lean finely textured beef (LFTB) and, while the USDA and experts agree that it is safe and nutritious, Walmart and Sam's Club will begin offering fresh ground beef that does not contain LFTB," the company explain in statement.

This focus on pink slime that was used as filler in some ground beef products gained national attention after a concerned parent started an online petition.

Bettina Siegel was the concerned mother who started the online petition. In only a matter of weeks, the petition has over a quarter million signatures and helped to further the process of national food retailers changing the products they were offering.

Siegel spoke with ABC news in an interview which shed light on some of the practices of beef manufactures and is grateful of the support she has received, but she still has her concerns.

"It disturbs me that USDA made a decision that this filler, up to 15 percent doesn't have to be disclosed … Therefore the consumer is at the mercy of each retailer's decision," said Siegel.