Current Page: Business | Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Sale of Over 4 Million '3:16' Products Marks Milestone for Max Lucado

Sale of Over 4 Million '3:16' Products Marks Milestone for Max Lucado

Pastor and author Max Lucado has sold more than four million units of products branded with "3:16—The Numbers of Hope," including one million units of the cornerstone book of the same title, according to his long-time publisher.

The high rate of sales for the "3:16" brand makes it the fastest-selling product in the history of Lucado's 23-year publishing career, announced Christian publishing company Thomas Nelson.

"3:16 is more than a book," explained David Moberg, senior vice president of non-fiction trade books at Thomas Nelson. "It is a mission of global proportions that invites Christians around the world to unite around the central message of our faith – embodied in the words of John 3:16."

Lucado, who has more than 65 million books in print and a publishing career that has spanned nearly 25 years, says 3:16 will encourage believers to live out the message of John 3:16 in their life, with their family and friends, their church, their community, and the world.

"It's likely the most famous verse in all of the Bible, and with good reason," says Lucado, who has described the verse as words of love. "Within its words are contained the essential truths of the Christian faith."

"It's a 26-word parade of hope beginning with God, ending with life, and urging us to do the same," he adds.

"If you don't know anything about the Bible you need to know this verse. But if you know everything about the Bible you need to come back to this verse, don't you?"

Since the release of 3:16—The Numbers of Hope on Sept. 11, 2007, Thomas Nelson and a group of licensed partners have created and distributed a wide variety of "3:16" branded products, including booklets, greeting cards, wearable items, video resources, church musicals, and evangelistic products, among others.

Worldwide product and ministry partners for the "3:16" brand include Dayspring/Hallmark, Bob Siemon Designs,, Indelible Creative Group, LifeWay Church Resources, Outreach, Lionsgate, Kerusso, LifeWay Worship, UpWords, and Ambassador Advertising.

3:16, the book, has also been featured by many prominent media outlets since it was published on Sept. 11, 2007.

According to Thomas Nelson, the book will be promoted heavily this fall and for Easter 2009 both in stores and via key media interviews by Max Lucado. An Easter television special is planned for 2009 while the paperback version of 3:16 will be available in stores June 2009.