Salvation Army Interacts with Donors through New Kettle App

The Salvation Army in Canada launched a new app called "Fill the Kettle" for mobile devices and social media sites to encourage spontaneous donations with an animated giving experience.

The charity has partnered with Nadanu, a website that provides innovative methods to improve online fundraising, creating a way for its supporters to donate in moments of inspiration, wherever and whenever that may happen.

The app allows donors to enjoy a sense of satisfaction from dropping virtual coins into the Salvation Army Kettle, which is accompanied by a visualization of the kettle filling up as well as a coin dropping sound effect.

Graham Moore, Territorial Secretary for Public Relations and Development of The Salvation Army in Canada, expressed his excitement about the new, interactive tool.

"Charitable giving is very important and seeing the creation of something that encourages support while allowing the donor to have a little bit of fun is a great thing," he said.

New York-based company Nadanu is currently used by over 500 charities in the U.S. and Canada, with their products eCharityBox, eOfferingPlate and other customized solutions giving charities the opportunity to be present among their donors at all times.

"Fill the Kettle" can be downloaded onto an iPhone, Blackberry or Facebook page, or accessed through The Salvation Army's website at