'Salvation' Spoilers: Grace Survives Assassination Attempt

Next on CBS' suspense drama series "Salvation," Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) will be fighting for her life when someone tries to kill her.

Who wants to kill Grace in "Salvation?" |

As revealed in the synopsis for episode 9 of "Salvation" season 1, titled "Patriot Games," Grace will be up against an assassin, hired to dispose her by a still-unidentified entity. Fortunately for her, she lives to tell the tale. But will she survive future attempts against her life?

To recap the preceding episode of the show, a man broke into Grace's house, waiting to ambush her. So far, the person behind these death threats has not been revealed. But given that she is the Pentagon press secretary, who just uncovered secrets she is not supposed to, it might be the government who wants her dead.

Elsewhere in the episode, Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and Liam (Charlie Rowe) will team up presumably to learn more about Atlas.

Grace's knowledge of the cover weapons program dubbed Atlas might have made her a target, considering the press secretary might speak out about the truth behind the meteor that hit Russia in 2013. It was no natural catastrophe. It was caused by a U.S government sanctioned weapon using Danz Industries' guidance system.

In the previous episode, she confronted Harris (Ian Anthony Dale) about Atlas. Although he did not say much about the program, he did admit that the meteor was a result of a failed weapon's test. The meteor went off course, and instead of hitting an uninhabited area, it went toward Russia.

"Patriot Games" was penned by Gavin Johannsen, while Maja Vrvilo directed the episode. Fans should expect the aforementioned cast regulars to appear alongside, Jacqueline Byers (Jillian Hayes), Rachel Drance (Zoe Barrows), Brian Markinson (Randall Calhoun), Erica Luttrell (Claire Rayburn), Andrea Dae Kim (Dylan Edwards).

"Salvation" season 1 episode 9, titled "Patriot Games," premieres Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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