Sam Worthington Arrested for Fighting: Charges Dismissed by Court

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(Photo: 20th Century Fox)In this film publicity image released by 20th Century Fox, the character Neytiri, voiced by Zoe Saldana, right, and the character Jake, voiced by Sam Worthington are shown in a scene from, 'Avatar.'

Sam Worthington has been arrested for fighting and had to be subdued with pepper spray, according to various reports out this week.

The Avatar actor is well know for his fight and action sequences on screen, but his real life mirrored his real life recently when he got into a real life brawl.

On Saturday he was reportedly arrested in Atlanta for fighting, and charged with disorderly conduct. However, the charges against the star of Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans were dismissed by a court on Monday.

It has been reported that the 36 year old actor fought with doormen at the Vortex bar an grill. The clash resulted after he was turned away by doormen for appearing intoxicated and verbally abusive. The details were alleged in an official police report, Celebuzz has reported.

According to the celebrity site the doorman involved in the fight, Jerry Link, reported to police that the Avatar actor "pushed him twice with his hands. At that time Mr. Link pepper-sprayed Mr. Samuel and handcuffed him until the police arrived."

However, on Monday morning the charges against Worthington were dismissed when the doorman did not show up in court for the hearing.