Samantha Brick Goes Viral, Defends Her Beauty: 'Women Can't Stand Beautiful Women'

Samantha Brick, the Daily Mail writer whose article "Why Women Hate Me for Being So Beautiful" went viral, sparking international controversy, appeared on an early-morning talk show to defend herself.

"Do I think I'm good looking? Yes, I do. Is that a crime?" Brick asked on iTV's "This Morning." It was this line of thinking that drew international attention to Brick's philosophy that she was hated simply for being beautiful and received special attention because of her looks.

Her article attracted a record number of views and comments by Daily Mail readers, who both supported and decried Brick's words.

In a follow-up article yesterday, Brick stated: "The past 24 hours have been, to be blunt, among the most horrendous of my life."

"But then, the 4,510 people who have left comments on Mail Online, and the thousands who have done the same on Twitter, would probably say that it's all my own fault," she added.

"Women do not like attractive women," she told the hosts of "This Morning." "Neither me nor my friends have any problem with beauty, but we do not like arrogance. People mistake self-confidence for arrogance, but it's a fact that women can't stand beautiful women."

"This whole experience has proven my thesis [that] women do not like attractive women," Brick stated. "This is proven by the thousands of vile messages on my personal email account, on Twitter, and on my telephone answering machine."

Ruth Langford, one of the hosts of the morning talk show, interrupted Brick's rant to offer her take on the situation.

"Could it not be because you're very attractive, and you believe that we are all jealous and all our husbands fancy you that gives you a certain air of superiority and arrogance?" the host questioned.

"It's not that we don't like beautiful women," Langford continued. "It's that we don't like arrogant women."