Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Protest against Focus on the Family’s ‘Ex-Gay Movement’

Over 600 religious leaders and members will gather today to protest against Focus on the Family’s stance on same sex marriage.

Over 600 religious leaders and members will gather today to protest against Focus on the Family’s stance on same sex marriage.

The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM), a pro-same sex marriage association, will gather in front of Tremont Street Baptist Church, Mass., at 12 p.m. EST to protest against Focus on the Family and its “Love Won Out” conference. RCFM will gather for a one hour protest within sight of the “pre-event” for the “Love Won Out” conference to be held in Massachusetts on Oct. 29.

In a statement released by RCFM, the coalition gave its reason for the protest: “Focus on the Family and other organizations of their ilk are trying to force their narrow, extreme religious views of sexuality and marriage on the rest of us. They display complete disregard for the separation of church and state.”

RCFM, which is based out of Boston, Mass., is made of over 600 clergies, churches, and faith-based organizations, representing 21 denominations and groups who support same-sex marriage. The pro-gay marriage coalition is encouraging its clergies to wear their religious garments to the protest.

“‘Love Won Out’ is an ‘ex-gay’ movement created by Focus on the Family,” the coalition continued in its statement. “Its goal is to prevent homosexuality and to convert gays and lesbians into heterosexual conservative Christians.”

“Love Won Out” conferences, which are held throughout the world, invite speakers who have experienced homosexuality first-hand or through friends and family to share about their personal struggles to overcome or help their loved ones overcome homosexuality. According to “Love Won Out” organizers, the conferences promote the “truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable — a message routinely silenced today.”

"While the gay life is often glorified in 'pride' festivals and through the media, we offer a distinctly different message – one of hope and healing for those who don't share that sense of pride," commented Mike Haley, director of the Homosexuality and Gender department for Focus on the Family's Public Policy division and a former homosexual.

Haley said in a statement released by Focus on the Family that he and thousands of others know firsthand that there is a way out of unwanted homosexuality.

Currently, Massachusetts is the only state in America that legally permits same-sex marriage. In the spring of 2004 Massachusetts had the first state-sanctioned same-sex marriage and since that time thousands of gay couples have been married by the state.