Samsung Chromebook Pro Laptop Pre-Order Available on Amazon

SamsungA promotional image for the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Initially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, the Samsung Chromebook Pro's initial release in April was met with some delay. Now, the Chrome-based laptop is finally available for pre-order on Amazon.

Based on the listing on the e-commerce website, the Samsung Chromebook Pro can be purchased for $549.99 and will be released on Sunday, May 28.

Those in the market for a new Chromebook should definitely consider this device because apart from running Google's Chrome operating system, it is also compatible with Android apps — a feature that is not available on most other Chromebooks.

It should be noted that according to reports, Samsung's Chromebook Pro was delayed specifically because there were some issues associated with running Android apps. But now, consumers can expect that Google has remedied the situation and that the user experience should be greatly improved.

In terms of technical specifications, the Samsung Chromebook Pro features a 12.3-inch touchscreen display with a Quad HD resolution of 2,400 x 1,600 pixels. There is also a Gorilla Glass 3 panel on top for added protection. It is powered by the 2.2 GHz Intel Core m3 6Y30 processor with 4 GB of random-access memory (RAM) and 32 GB of flash storage.

Samsung's Chromebook Pro is sleek and slim at 13.9 mm and lightweight at 2.38 pounds. As such, users can be productive whether they're in the comfort of their own homes, working at the office or school or whether they're simply on the go.

Furthermore, the Chromebook Pro provides added functionalities via a built-in pen and a 360-degree rotating display. With these, the notebook can be transformed into a tablet where users can take down notes and draw, among others. Since there's also access to the Google Play Store, the laptop can even be used for gaming.

Other notable features include a dual-array digital microphone, stereo speakers, a 720p HD camera, two USB Type-C ports and a microSD card reader. The 39-Wh battery is said to provide power for up to eight hours.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is available in black and gray, but only the former is available on Amazon at this time.