Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 to Come in New Plum Purple Color

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 will come in a new Plum Purple color.

No official images of the device donning the new color have surface at this time; however, renders have been released showing what this massive smartphone will look like. The device is also available in white.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 model could be released on AT&T in the near future.

A device with the model number SGH-1527 is reportedly being prepped for AT&T, according to a report from PocketNow. This model number has been tied to the Samsung Melius, which is rumored to be a Tizen OS device, but EV Leaks has noted that this device for AT&T is not Tizen. The site also believes Samsung is using the name Melius as another word for Mega.

The word Melius derives from the latin term melior, which means "big" or "a lot of." The company believes that the Melius title could be designated to the 6.3 behemoth of a smartphone. AT&T and Samsung are expected to make an official announcement regarding the Galaxy Mega.

The Christian Post contacted AT&T regarding the release of the Galaxy Mega. The company representative claimed he was not familiar with the device, so this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.

The 6.3-inch handset comes with an HD display that has close to 720p resolution. It also has a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, Android 4.2, an 8-megapixel camera and multiple software features such as Air View, Multi Windows, and Pop-Up Play.

The device also features GPS, GLONASS, and a 3,200mAh battery to keep the phone powered while using all of these features. Users will also be able to install a microSD card in order to expand the Galaxy Mega's memory.

Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Mega 5.8-inch model that comes with HSPA connectivity only. It features a qHD display with 960 x 540 resolution with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor. It comes with the same 8-megapixel camera as the larger version and is sold with only 8GB of internal storage.