Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Smartphone In Verizon Wireless Inventory, New Name?

Sources have spotted the latest Samsung smartphone in the Verizon Wireless Device Management system.

The phone is listed as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, however the phone has had a number of pseudonyms since anticipation of its release began, including the Samsung Nexus Prime, the Google Nexus Prime, the Samsung Droid Prime and the Google Nexus 3.

The Nexus Prime has been the most common alternative name for the phone.

Commentators suggest that Nexus Prime is a codename developers have used for the phone in order to conceal Galaxy Nexus as its true name.

Samsung's teaser trailer for the phone details its slightly curved profile, but does not divulge its name. The trailer is only captioned with the phrase "something big is coming."

Recently, a Samsung U.K. representative spoke of the new smartphone and referred to it as the "Nexus Prime."

While accepting the award for Phone of the Year on behalf of the Samsung Galaxy S2 at the T3 gadget awards, Samsung U.K. sales director Andrew Glass told the audience that the Nexus Prime would soon be available.

"You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think," he said.

This has led commentators to believe that Samsung had confirmed the name of the new smartphone. However, they are now rethinking the suggestion.

The Verizon Wireless inventory leak details that the smartphone includes mobile web, Bluetooth, voice activation, voice memo and 4G capability, among other specs.

The phone however will not be a "global phone" supporting both GSM and CDMA networks.

Verizon Wireless is known to be a CDMA capable network.

The Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus Prime will be unveiled on Oct. 19 at the "Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Google Episode" media event in Hong Kong, which was rescheduled from its original Oct. 11 date.