Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date: UK Users to Get Smartphone on Dec 2?

The anticipated ship date of the U.K. Samsung Galaxy Nexus might upset some fans as an Amazon listing for the smartphone shows that the ship date has changed.

The original launch plan was for Nov. 17 and now it is Dec. 2.

However, there was no official announcement about the change in launch date.

Slash gear, a technology site with the tagline, "feeding your gadget and tech obsessions," speculates that the postponed ship date may be for Amazon only,as no changes have been noted by Samsung or carriers in the U.K. in any official manner. There has yet to be an official U.S. release date announced, although many anticipate Nov. 17 to be the big day.

There is a large potential for the smartphone to be released exclusively by Verizon. At this point, tech insiders are wondering whether or not there is a connection between Samsung's uncertainty of its own release date and the alleged postponement in getting a legitimate launch date announcement from Verizon.

Gadget-lovers excited about the Galaxy Nexus can hope the product being marketed by Samsung as "simple, beautiful and beyond smart" is worth the wait.

"The level of interest and anticipation surrounding the release of the Galaxy Nexus has been fantastic," Simon Stanford, Samsung's Head of Mobile operations for the U.K. and Ireland, said in a statement.

The Galaxy Nexus is 8.94mm thick and includes an HD Super AMOLED 720p display (1280x720 pixels), "ensuring vivid colors and excellent picture clarity." In addition to the capability for single motion panoramic images, the phone's specs include 1080p video, making the device a dream come true for audio-visual lovers.

One feature of the highly anticipated smartphone is a facial recognition application that allows users to unlock the device simply by smiling so users do not have the burden of remembering a password.

The feature-packed Galaxy Nexus combines the branding of Samsung's premier line of Android-based devices with the Google Nexus brand.