Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Launch in Both Blue and White

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will launch in 2 different colors, according to a recent leak from the company's database.

The two colors shown are ceramic white and another that is listed as TBD.

The TBD could end up being something else, but at this point it is safe to assume that it might be the same pebble blue color that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in.

The second and third possibilities would be the company's traditional black, or possibly garnet red, a color that the Galaxy S3 is currently available in exclusively through AT&T. Most leaked press shots of the device show it in white although it has also appeared in black in other pictures.

The device will be unveiled at Samsungs "Unpacked" event scheduled to take place tomorrow in Berlin.

The Galaxy Note 2 is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch unbreakable display along with a faster processor and more powerful camera. The company appears to be pitting the device directly against Apple's iPhone 5 and iPad Mini that are expected to launch around the same time.

Samsung was able to use the original Galaxy Note to catapult itself to the front of the smartphone market, selling double Apple's iPhone sales last year. The release of the new Note should reinvigorate the line that has already been quite successful.

T-Mobile appears to be readying itself for the release of the next-generation Note model as the carrier has stopped all shipments of the original Note.

The company released the original Galaxy Note earlier this month, but now it seems T-Mobile is slowing breaks in anticipation for the new model. The carrier's launch of the device took place seven months after AT&T released it creating a "too little, too late" scenario.

With the Galaxy Note 2 on the way, and the staying power of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this holiday shopping season should be quite interesting since customers have such a wide selection of quality devices to choose from.