Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5: Is Bigger Really Better?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5 is an interesting match-up. The smartphone-tablet hybrid is an unorthodox device that has undeniably made its mark, becoming a valid competitor for the Apple smartphone.

Smartphone or tablet users are overwhelmed by the Galaxy Note's size as a smartphone and underwhelming size as a tablet. Most of the time it's the former, rather than the latter.

However, once someone gets their hands on one of these phablets, they can't help but fall in love with it.

For some Apple fans, the slight screen size increase on the iPhone 5 was not enough to keep up with the competition. Samsung's Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch HD screen capable of showing videos with great quality. Apple knows loyal fans will purchase the iPad, or iPad Mini for a bigger screen, but if they discovered the Note 2, they could possibly jump ship.

The iPhone 5 is still an extremely impressive device with its A6 processor and Retina display with an 1136 x 680 resolution, but specs are really for tech enthusiasts. The average consumer wants convenience and watching "The Avengers" or "The Dark Knight Rises" on its 4-inch screen will not be more appealing that doing the same on the Note 2's 5.5-inch display.

The Galaxy Note 2 also lets users actually write notes, making it function somewhat like a notebook. For artists, scribbling ideas down on your smartphone is made possible with the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 2.

The iPhone 5 functions like its predecessors, except it has some beefed up specs and 4G LTE. The original Note had 4G LTE in 2011, though.

So is bigger really better? It all depends on what someone is using their device for. If you're looking mainly to watch movies and play games on your next phone, the Galaxy Note 2 is probably the handset for you.