Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Dates for New Models Set for Fall

The release date for two new Galaxy Note 3 models will be in the fall of this year.

Samsung will launch a cheaper version with weaker specs and a limited edition with a plastic-based display sometime in the very near future.

The cheaper model will go into production in Nov. and will feature an LCD display instead of Super AMOLED and an 8-megapixel camera instead of the 13-megapixel shooter found on the original version. It will have the same exterior design as the Note 3 and will still come with an S Pen.

Samsung has reportedly been able to decrease production costs by 30 percent by altering the specs. The low-end model was supposed to launch at the same time as the regular version, however, Samsung held off on the release to protect the brand. Several reports in the summer pointed to this model being released, but when Samsung unveiled the device, there was no sign of it.

The new limited edition is said to have a flexible display and will debut sometime during the next few weeks. These reports come from ZDNet Korea and Chosun. It correlates with previous rumors that said Samsung would launch a Note 3 with a flexible display.

The fact that both of these new reports match up with some of the older rumors shows that these devices might actually end up launching soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled by the company in the beginning of this month and will roll out to most of the major carriers in Oct. The new Note features a redesigned exterior with textured plastic and a full 1080p display.

The original model is expected to sell extremely well, according to Samsung's predictions.