Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sells 10 Million Units in 60 Days

The Galaxy Note 3 became a member of the "10 million seller club" as the device reached this amazing feat in just 60 days.

Samsung announced the accomplishment recently. The company launched the handset officially on Sept. 25 and made it available in 58 countries at first. It eventually started selling in an additional 82 markets.

The Galaxy Note 3 has even overtook Samsung's flagship device the Galaxy S4 in the sales department by moving at a much more rapid pace. The phablet is creeping its way into becoming number one for the Korean company. This is mostly due to the fact that it is the first of its kind bringing the best of the tablet and smartphone world together in one impressive device since 2011 when the original model launched. The Note 3 is also selling twice as fast as its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung is celebrating the accomplishment by releasing an infographic that shows all of its phones that broke the 10 million sold barrier. Other devices such as the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and clamshell shaped SGH-T10Q are featured in the image.

The company also recently announced two new colors for the Note 3 including Merlot Red and Rose Gold. This will make the device available in five different colors. There are also rumors of a Lite version of the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 rumors are already beginning to surface and revealed that Samsung could end up using a fingerprint sensor and 16 or 21-megapixel camera on it. Other rumored specs for the device include a redesigned exterior with a metal frame and group video calling. The next-gen model will probably launch in the fall of next year following in the footsteps in the Note 2 and Note 3.