Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs: Device to Launch with 2.5GB RAM

The Samsung Galaxy S3 showed up in a new AnTuTu benchmark score this week that revealed different specs for the device than what had previously been reported.

The score was spotted by @evleaks who tweeted out screenshots of it. The pictures also revealed a new list of specifications for the upcoming SM-N9005 model of the device

This version is set to feature a 1920x1080 display, a 2.3GHz quad-core CPU and 2.5GB RAM. The most commonly reported figure for the Galaxy Note 3's RAM has been 3GB. However, this new report contradicts previous rumors.

AndroidAuthority weighed in on why the figure might be different in the benchmark.

"Keep in mind that the device could actually have 3GB of RAM, but 512MB might be reserved for something else and therefore not counted," the site writes. "There's also the possibility that the screenshots and/or alleged specs aren't correct, so speculation is certainly advised."

Other recent Galaxy Note 3 rumors point to the device launching with an LCD display and an 8-megapixel camera in emerging markets.

The device is expected to launch with slightly more expensive components in other markets. This cheaper model will cater to countries that prefer purchasing low-end smartphones. This will give them an opportunity to own a high-end handset at a better price.

This latest spec rumor was reported on by ETNews. The publication also states that this LCD version will account for 30 percent of the initial production run. However, the exact markets that will receive the phone is unclear at this time.

The Galaxy Note 3 release date could be as early as Sept. 27.

The device is expected to launch on that date in Taiwan, according to a report from Taiwanese site ePrice. Pre-orders are slated to begin on Sept. 16.

The device's availability date will not be announced until the Samsung "Unpacked" event which is set to take place on Sept. 4 in Berlin, Germany. This will be the public's first look at the phablet and the company's Galaxy Gear smart watch.