Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs to Include Flexible Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs could include a flexible display.

The company is rumored to be launching a device with a flexible display in Nov, according to a report from YouMobile. The Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled in the next few weeks and the actual release to follow shortly after. This flexible device could end up being a variant of the phablet.

LG is also expected to release a flexible device around the same time.

These flexible smartphones will be introduced as 'unbreakable and light' concept devices. The production capacity of the current pilot lines of the two companies are expected to be enough, but if the response is good, the production capacity is so insufficient it would not be able to handle a single mega-class model.

Flexible displays could be quite beneficial to the user as the screens are not made out of glass so they will not break easily. Instead, a plastic substrate is used that is far more resistant to damage. Some of these displays have even been labeled as "unbreakable," however that might be a bit of a stretch. One of these drop test websites will find a way to inflict some kind of damage on the smartphone.

Japanese and Taiwanese companies are also working to develop flexible OLED displays, however, they have a long way to go before they are able to enter them into mass production.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled in the first week of Sept. It is a great device to have a flexible display since it is quite large and that type of screen will allow it to be more compact. Having the ability to fold it in half will allow users to put in their pockets and bags with less difficulty. However, there is no official word on the phablet coming with that type of display.