Samsung Galaxy S III to Offer Trade In for Old Phones, Up to $300 (VIDEO)

If the new Samsung Galaxy has not already swayed users over with its winning new features, the icing on the cake could be receiving up to $300 back when you trade in your old smart phone for the new Galaxy, which could be in stores as soon as next week.

For business or pleasure, the Samsung Galaxy S III is ready to step up to the plate and may just be the iPhone's biggest competitor. The new phone was built to "make life easier" according to the company, and there will be a number of ways in which the new Samsung may make life even easier than an iPhone does.

One such feature includes the "Smart Stay" camera, a "front-facing camera which can identify your eyes-while reading an e-book or browsing the web, for instance," the Samsung site explains. "It recognizes how you are using your phone and provides a bright display accordingly." The phone will also "give a nudge" when you've been away from your phone to alert you of any missed messages, should grandma happen to call on your lunch break.

More than on a personal level, however, the company also announced on Monday in a press release that the new Galaxy would be the first to feature SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise), which could make business life easier as well. The new enterprise was developed to help make "Android devices secure and manageable," according to the press report.

Some of the features include an "AllShare Play - Group Cast" which lets users easily share Power Point presentations and the "S Beam One Touch Sharing" so users can share contact info with the tap of the phone.

If all of those features haven't made life easy enough, the company has gone one step further and will also allow users to receive a rebate worth up to $300, if customers trade in their old phones and buy the new Galaxy. An iPhone 4s with 32 gb could earn you a $250 rebate.

To get a rebate seems simple enough. Customers type in their phone info, get a quote for how much the phone will be worth, send the phone in, and get a rebate check in the mail.

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