Samsung Galaxy S2 Ad Continues to Fuel War With Apple

In today's realm of entertainment, beef is something that is commonplace. Between celebrities tweeting mean things about each other and rappers creating battle songs in order to disrespect one another this competitive spirit seems to be spreading into every industry.

Now the public is seeing a different kind of war taking place within Samsung's advertizing, "the war of the smartphones."

Samsung's newest ad for its Galaxy S2 smartphone takes a shot at Apple's iPhone and its fans. This new commercial is titled "Samsunged" and opens with a line of people waiting for the release of a new iPhone.

The ad continues as the line gets visited by a Galaxy S2 owner who is asked by a girl waiting how much he paid for the device's turn-by-turn navigation capability. He replies, "I didn't, Galaxy S2 just has it -- it just comes with it." Than one of the Apple fan remarks, "Ooooh we just got Samsunged!"

These commercials seem to paint Samsung users as hipsters in this anti-iPhone campaign that began back in Nov. with a television commercial that angered Apple fans portraying them waiting on line for the device's release while Samsung users were walking around showing off the capabilities of the Galaxy S2.

Samsung's next move was made by setting up ads on a Facebook page that portrayed the iPhone as an old-school device that downplayed the importance of iCloud and iTunes match. It also posted numerous variations on the anti-Apple theme.

One more shot taken by the company at Apple includes it poaching an iPhone ad actress for its Galaxy Tab commercial, but this commercial was removed once it was discovered that she already appeared in an iPhone 4S advertisement.

It seems like things are starting to heat up between the two companies, although Apple has not responded.

Still with all of Samsung's attempts, Apple accomplished a major feat in gaining almost half of the market share putting it just behind Android in terms of operating systems.

It terms of hardware, the iPhone is still the highest selling smartphone in the U.S. Samsung has a long way to go before they actually earn their bragging rights.