Samsung Galaxy S2: Best Selling Android Smartphone in the UK

Samsung may have accomplished what it set out to do by making the Galaxy S2 the flagship Android smartphone.

The Galaxy S2 is now the number one selling Android handset in the U.K., according to a recent report by Mobile Magazine.

Samsung sold more S2s on contract during the third week of September than any other Android manufacturer in the country.

Not only has the device enjoyed great success in the UK, but the smartphone has also become the best selling smartphone in the history of Samsung.

The Samsung has sold 10 million units of the Galaxy S2 worldwide in only five months since it dropped, according to a recent announcement made by the company.

Mobile Magazine also reported that Samsung has held the top slot for mobile phone sales in the U.K. for 30 straight weeks.

As far as smartphone sales rankings, the Galaxy S2 still has not surpassed Apple’s iPhone 4.

And with the announcement of the new iPhone expected to come tomorrow, Apple will most likely continue to hold that place in the rankings.

In the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been released by Sprint as the Epic 4G Touch and by AT&T under its original name.

Samsung’s smartphone has received excellent reviews, and in many areas, outdoes the iPhone which is why it is rapidly attracting smartphone users.

Samsung released the device as an “iPhone killer,” or a smartphone that would finally solidify Android’s dominance in the smartphone market.

T-Mobile announced that it will release the Galaxy S2 on October 10.

The carrier’s version of the device will include a 1.5 GHz processor as opposed to the 1.2 GHz processor featured on the Sprint and AT&T model.

It will also be capable of NFC, (near field communications.)