Samsung Galaxy S2 Facebook Ad Continues to Slam Apple

Samsung posted a new graphic on its Facebook that mocks Apple, continuing their recent Samsung Galaxy S2 commercial that pokes fun at Apple cultists.

The graphic pits Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone against what appears to be either an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

“Cutting edge vs. Old school” reads the top of the graphic. The old school label hovers the Apple handset accompanied by two other outdated devices including the 1980s “Zack Morris cell phone” and two aluminum cans connected by a strong. The Samsung device is labeled cutting edge.

Another graphic depicts people standing in line for a new iPhone with thought bubbles above their heads with unfavorable ideas Apple produces, such as: “I’m experiencing serious phone envy,” or “Samsung totally just caught me checking out this phone.”

The new strategy of attacking Apple seems to be working for Samsung, according to technology website 9to5Mac.

“Yes, it’s tongue in cheek (some would say bad taste), but it’s actually working,” said the website. “Just the other day I heard this dude on the bus telling his girlfriend about Samsung’s commercial.”

The writer even goes as far as to inform the reader that his Android-owning friends have begun calling him a "barista,” because one of the Apple cultists is called such in the Galaxy S2 commercial.

The company even released “The Next Big Thing,” a new Facebook application that lets users compare the Samsung smartphone with Apple’s device. It ultimately leads the user to a website with these new ads.

Another graphic on the Facebook profile includes a woman examining the Galaxy S2 with a bubble above her head reading, “it’s so thin and that screen is massive.”

Samsung dubbed the Galaxy S2 the “iPhone Killer,” and it seems the company has now declared an all out war on its strongest rival.