Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note to Receive Ice Cream Sandwich Update Early 2012

The Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has already made its way to the device via ROM, but these recent Android 4.0 updates have not been issued officially by Samsung or Google and come with its own share of bugs.

However, the Korean electronics giant recently announced that both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note should receive the upgrade in the first quarter of 2012. Other devices also expected to get the update include the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on AT&T, the Galaxy R and all the Galaxy Tabs starting at 7.0 Plus.

The exact dates will most likely vary with each device depending on the “market situation and carriers requirements.” These factors will determine when using Ice Cream Sandwich on some of these top-of-the-line Android smartphones will become a reality.

Android 4.0, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich, officially launched on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone earlier this month. The Nexus was named the flagship device for the software earlier this year. Both the system and handset were unveiled at Samsung and Google’s “Mobile Unpacked” event in November.

Shortly after the unveiling, rumors began to hit the Internet regarding the upgrade for the new operating system coming to other popular Android smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the first devices expected to receive the software, but not officially until next year.

Other smartphones expected to receive an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade include Verizon’s Motorola Droid Razr as well as new tablet models.

The new software sports a brand new graphics foundation called Roboto, which is expected to be a significant step-up from Gingerbread’s displaying font that appears close to a “magazine layout.”

It also features facial recognition that allows the owner to unlock the Ice Cream Sandwich device by scanning their face.