Samsung Galaxy S2 Release: AT&T Version Review

AT&T will be launching its version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on October 2, a smartphone which has already been available on Sprint for over a week.

Both carriers sport slightly different versions of the device, and Sprint even chose to change its name to the Epic 4G Touch.

AT&T chose to stick with the original name and tech site recently reviewed the company’s exclusive Galaxy S2.

AT&T’s version receives a slight downgrade in screen size.

Sprints Epic 4G Touch sports a 4.5-inch display while AT&T goes with a smaller 4.3-inch screen.

The smaller display does take away from the smartphone’s appearance and makes it slightly less appealing that Sprint’s Epic 4G.

The resolution on the other hand mostly remains the same as Sprint’s model. Both versions’ images are displayed with amazing clarity and brilliant colors which completely outclass other Android smartphones, according to ComputerWorld.

Thanks to a smaller display, the body of AT&T’s Galaxy S2 also receives a reduction in size at 4.96-by 2.60-inches compared to the Epic 4G Touch at 5.11-by-2.74-inch frame size which works for consumers looking for something more compact.

In the hardware department, AT&T’s version comes with support for Near Field Communication, or NFC, which can allow a user to pay for things with their smartphone.

Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch does not possess this capability.

As far as battery life, AT&T’s Galaxy S2 is slightly smaller, but the device requires less power since it sports a smaller display.

Both versions got the reviewer through a full day of moderate usage without hitting empty.

AT&T’s Galaxy S2 includes a good amount of new programs which come pre-loaded in the device’s storage. Some of the notable ones include AT&T Navigator and AT&T “Featured Apps” showcase. ComputerWorld deems most of these programs as “pure rubbish.”

Most other differences on the two models are cosmetic including Sprint’s home screen having a slider with numbers and AT&T’s version sporting plain dots.

The AT&T version includes most of the same great features of Sprint’s and is arguably one of the best Android smartphones on the market.