Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date: Voted Best Smartphone, Coming to AT&T Sunday

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be launched by AT&T on Oct. 2, the company has announced. An official announcement came after AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 was unveiled at a special Samsung event in NYC recently.

"We said we’d share news as soon as we had it: we’re happy to announce the Galaxy S II will be available in-stores and online starting October 2nd. Tell us what feature you’re looking forward to most," says AT&T in its Facebook page.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available in stores at $199.99 on a new two-year contract, according to This Is My Next. That is the same price as the model Sprint has released, although Sprint has called their model the Epic 4G Touch.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has also been named “the best phone on the market” by some media reports since it was released. Considered Samsung’s best-selling phone, it is already highly popular overseas. In the U.S., it is expected to be a fierce competitor with the iPhone 5 and the new Droid Bionic.

A poll released recently by TechRadar also suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was the best phone on the market; with readers voting it number one from 10 phones considered.

Basic specs include a 4-core (fragment processor) ARM Mali-400 GPU. The phone sets 42.5 and 67.1 FPS in the 720p Offscreen OpenGL ES 2.0 tests when tested at something that resembles daily usage (like games and movies). That makes it the fastest smartphone around, and only twice as slow as leading tablet computers, such as the iPad 2.