Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 JellyBean Update: Download Here

For Samsung Galaxy S3 owners interested in testing the waters with a JellyBean ROM, there is now one available that is quite stable.

The update along with directions to install it can be found here.

This new ROM will bring all the luxuries of Android 4.1 to your Galaxy S3 smartphone. It even includes some bug fixes and an all around smoother UI. It is great for those looking to try out the software before the official Samsung update is rolled out later on this month.

The only issue with using a ROM such as this one is that it will void the warranty on your device. This is unfortunate, since the smartphone could break at any time.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S3 earlier this year and the handset has gone on to sell almost 20 million units worldwide.

It held the title for the world's most popular smartphone up until now. With the unveiling of Apple's iPhone 5 yesterday, there is sure to be an all-out war between the two companies for smartphone supremacy.

The Android 4.1, JellyBean update should smooth out some of the rough edges on the Galaxy S3 and bring some exciting new features with it, including Google Now.

Apple updated Siri on the iPhone 5 to perform some of the same tasks that Google Now is capable of including finding good restaurants, and obtaining your favorite team's sports score. Siri can also update an iPhone user's Facebook status, making it even more appealing.

But with Android's constant updates and builds, the software will continue to keep up with Apple in terms of features. However, Android never seems to run as smoothly as iOS.

The iPhone 5 will be released on Sept. 21 with pre-orders beginning this Friday. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available on most major carriers.