Samsung Galaxy S3 Deemed SAFE by Company

Samsung recently deemed its new Galaxy S3 smartphone to be "SAFE."

The branding is the company's way of solidifying the smartphone's position as a secure device for corporations to use for various tasks related to business including accessing work-related emails and files.

SAFE stands for Samsung Approved for Enterprise, and now the Galaxy S3 is among many other devices commonly used and trusted by prominent business executives.

In a market once dominated by RIM and Nokia, Samsung is now a viable player after it topped Nokia in sales for the first time in 14 years.

"It's now safe to say that the 'Next Big Thing in Enterprise' is here with the near-term availability of SAFE-branded Galaxy S3 devices at five U.S. carriers," said Tim Wagner, vice president and general manager of enterprise sales at Samsung Mobile in a recent statement.

"The highly desirable, SAFE-branded and QA-tested Galaxy S3 smartphone systematically defragments Android to provide a consistent level of IT compliance for individuals who demand the very best in both their personal and professional lives," he continued.
SAFE works with mobile device management (MDM) and VPN providers that use Samsung's SDK to integrate their products into Samsung devices.

Samsung then tests the solutions in order to comply with regulations in various industries including finance, healthcare and government.

This news delivers another significant blow to Research in Motion, a company known for its business-savvy Blackberry smartphone. The fact that the business sector is ready to embrace the Android platform shows that the Blackberry only has a small window to reinvent itself and stop companies from switching over.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch later on this month on five U.S. major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Sprint.