Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S Ship 100 Million Units Worldwide

The Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S have shipped over 100 million units worldwide combined.

This is great news for Samsung, who began the high-end smartphone line almost three years ago.

The Galaxy S3 is the highest selling model out of the three, with 40 million sold just seven months after its launch in the Spring of 2012. The device ships approximately 190,000 units per day and is not showing any signs of slowing down, with Samsung releasing new variants in different colors and sizes. It is also the first of the three to have a Mini model.

The Galaxy S2 is the second highest selling out of the three. The device, deemed "the iPhone killer" in late 2011, has shipped 40 million units 20 months after its release. Samsung has released many different variants of the Galaxy S2 including the Skyrocket version on AT&T, and the new Galaxy S2 Plus which will launch overseas and feature Android 4.1, JellyBean.

The original Galaxy S is the lowest seller of the three handsets, but still is no slouch. The device has shipped over 20 million units worldwide and helped Samsung launch the line in 2010.

Samsung is also expected to release the Galaxy S4 in the near future, which could sell at an even faster rate than its predecessors, making the company one of the most dominant smartphone maker in the world.

Apple seems to be heading in the opposite direction, as the company recently cut down its component orders for iPhone 5 parts due to a lower demand than expected in the beginning of 2013. This has also caused the company's stock to dip below 500 for the first time in almost a year.