Friday, May 11, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-orders Offered by More Carriers

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-orders Offered by More Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently available for pre-order on three carriers overseas including Vodafone, O2 and Three.

Vodafone hopes to have its pre-ordered devices shipped by the end of this month.

Customers will have the option of purchasing the S3 on the carrier running from £149 $240.69 to free.

One of the plans will cost the customer £41, or $240.69 a month, for the 16GB model and it will come with 900 minutes of talk, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

Vodafone is running a one-month exclusive for the 32GB variant that it will offer for free with a monthly £46 or $74.31 plan.

Three's website states that the Galaxy S3 will be launched for its customers on May 30, and those who sign up for the carrier's One plan can get the phone for free. This particular plan comes with 2,000 minutes, 5,000 3-to-3 minutes and 5,000 texts for £34 or $54.92 a month.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has also gone up for pre-order at the online retailer Carphone Warehouse in Britain.

The U.K.-based shop is allowing customers to pre-order the SIM-free version of the smartphone that will retail at £499 when it launches at the end of the month.

Carphone Warehouse is also offering a special promotion for those who purchase the Galaxy S3.

The first 1,000 buyers will receive a free Galaxy Tab from the site.

The site also states that the expected delivery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be on May 30.

Amazon also began offering pre-orders for the handset in the U.K. on Tuesday.

The online retailer is currently allowing customers to reserve the 16GB version of the device and list it with a price of £499.95; that is equivalent to US $806.67. The smartphone will be available in both Pebble Blue and Marble White.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to launch this summer in the United States.



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