Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Set for June 1?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could be available in the U.S. as early as the first week of June.

The device appeared on Amazon Thursday with a number of listings for it, including one priced at $799 and another at $829.

The Galaxy S3 is scheduled to begin rolling out overseas at the end of this month, but Amazon's listings state that those who order the device will have it shipped to them on June 1 and should receive it on June 4.

The smartphone was originally unveiled at the company's "Mobile Unpacked" on May 5 in London, England.

At this event Samsung confirmed that the handset would in fact be rolling out by the end of May. Many retailers in the U.K. are already taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated smartphone.

Samsung released its first commercial for the Galaxy S3 through its YouTube account earlier this week.

The ad previously aired at the unveiling event for the device that took place on May 5 in London, England.

The company seems to have abandoned its attack on Apple products that it used in the ads for the smartphone's predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung took on a different strategy this time around by emphasizing the new features on the device and how users can interact with them during their everyday lives.

The company's new strategy could potentially help or hurt the company since its ad campaign for the Galaxy S2 helped to catapult the smartphone to huge success.

Samsung is also releasing some new accessories for the upcoming smartphone, including a wireless charging kit, a new backing with a flip cover, and a C-Pen stylus that is similar to the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note.