Samsung Galaxy S3 to Be Unveiled May 3 in London

Samsung is expected to unveil the upcoming Galaxy S3 smartphone at a media event in London on May 3.

This information originated from an invitation that was sent out by the company this week titled "Come and meet the next Galaxy."

Tech sites such as YouMobile feel that this will be the day fans will get a first look at the highly anticipated, third-generation Galaxy S device.

The anticipation for the device has been built up quite well by Samsung, who seems to have taken a few pages out of Apple's playbook.

Samsung is aiming to overshadow the hype that is beginning to surround its upcoming next-generation iPhone. That device is expected to be launched by Apple sometime in between June and October.

The Galaxy S3 has been kept under wraps for a long time, with carriers receiving a generic box with only the screen and the ports uncovered so the design could not be leaked before its unveiling.

This is the first news that has been released on the unveiling date of the device that has become the flagship line for the company.

The company previously stated that the Samsung Galaxy S3's launch and unveiling will take place close together, unlike the launch of the Galaxy S2. This means that it should come out weeks after it us unveiled on May 3.

Most reports point to the device featuring a quad-core processor, a Gorilla Glass 2 display making it super resistant to scratches, wireless charging, ceramic casing, and 4G LTE.

With the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich software rolling out on many new devices, the next-generation Galaxy S device will most likely use the software as well and this picture proves that.