Samsung Galaxy S3 to Launch in 3 New Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in three new colors, according to announcement made by the company.

The wildly popular smartphone will be available in Titanium Grey, Sapphire Black, and Amber Brown in the near future.

The colors are subject to carrier availability, so customers will not be guaranteed to see all of them on their carrier of choice right away. The black model has been rumored for quite some time and now it seems that it will finally arrive.

This version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is rumored to be launching with 64GB of built-in storage.

Clove U.K. reported earlier this month that the device will come equipped with quadruple the storage space that is found in most Galaxy S3 models.

This variant of the device is currently available for pre-order at the U.K. retailer known as MobileFun. It is expected to be shipped in four weeks for those who pre-order the smartphone and will be available at retail locations two weeks after that.

It will cost the same price as the blue and while models selling for £499.95

Photos of the black variant first appeared in ads showcasing the handset's capabilities at the London 2012 Olympics.

Samsung could be releasing these new colors in order to promote the variants with larger amounts of storage such as the 32GB and 64GB versions that were delayed upon the smartphone's initial release.

The device has already sold millions so these new models will only add to the success of the Galaxy S3.

Apple recently set out to ban several Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy S2, however, the S3 did not make that list.