Samsung Galaxy S3 to Launch in Titanium Gray on T-Mobile Next Week

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in Titanium Gray for T-Mobile customers next week.

The carrier will be the first in the U.S. to carry the smartphone in this color and it will replace the 16GB Pebble Blue Galaxy S3. T-Mobile will still carry the 32GB pebble blue version and will be available at the company's online store.

The smartphone has been extremeley successful, but has come without its fair share of problems.

Several Galaxy S3 owners have recently reported the sudden failure of their motherboards, which some users stated made their phones unusable.

Samsung finally addressed the problem last week and promised to fix it with a firmware update.

The company did not explain the exact cause of the sudden failure, but just stated that it was aware of the defect.

"The good news is it only happens to a very limited number of Galaxy S3 models with 16GB memory," said Anne ter Braak, a spokeswoman for the company. "The cause lies in a Samsung firmware bug, which can easily be solved by a firmware update."

Fortunately for Samsung, the number of users experiencing the issue appears to be quite small, so the company will not have to worry about revamping its hardware build.

Customers worried about their smartphones will have to wait for Samsung to issue the firmware fix, which should be arriving in the coming weeks. An exact schedule for it has not been released.

The handset is on track to reach the 50 million sold milestone in early 2013.

Samsung had already sold 30 million units of the device by the third quarter of 2012 and analysts predict that its sales will continue to grow even with the release of the coveted iPhone 5.

The latest reports point to the Galaxy S3 hitting the 50 million sold mark by the beginning of this year.