Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 6 to Be High-Tech Glasses?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6 might end up being released in the form of high tech glasses.

Google is currently working on a set of computerized glasses called Google Glass that developers are now able to purchase. Microsoft is also working on something similar. This type of technology could be something that could replace smartphones in the near future.

Google Glass will have a tiny screen on the left lens that users will have to look up to see. Apple has been granted a similar patent to create a product such as this one.

Microsoft's glasses utilize augmented reality, unlike the models that Apple and Google are both working on.

These glasses will be a little bit easier to carry around than some of the bulkier smartphones that have been released in the past few years and will probably be able to perform many of the same tasks.

Google Glass sports a different look from traditional glasses, covering only one eye instead of two.

Google released a short video which showed how the glasses would function on an everyday basis.

The person wearing the glasses in the video uses them to access maps, text his friends, talk to what appears to be his girlfriend, and take pictures.

These Google Glasses could either be functioning on their own performing all of these tasks, or could be connected to a smartphone.

The price on these glasses will probably be high at first and customers will have to adapt a new futuristic fashion sense in order to embrace the look of these on their heads.

There could be a day where everyone is walking around with these high tech goggles on their heads, and it might be here soon.