Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs: Device to Feature Octa-Core Processor and Flexible Display

The Samsung Galaxy S4 specs are still unknown at this time, however, there is a small possibility that the new device will feature state-of-the-art technology that was debuted by Samsung at CES.

The Korean electronics giant introduced the public to the Exynos 5 Octa, which is actually an 8-Core processor. Samsung confirmed that this new processor will be featured on some of its upcoming products that will be released this year.

Samsung believes that the processing power offered by this new chip will allow smartphone and tablet users to perform many tasks simultaneously, such as playing a game, watching an HD movie, and searching for a restaurant or business, all without lag.

"Level of pure processing power, never seen before in mobile devices and more detailed damage to cards, then ever before," said a Samsung executive.

Samsung also stated that the new Exynos processor has twice the graphics performance of anything that its currently available on the market, but that it is also very frugal, for up to 70 percent power savings. It uses Cortex-A7 cores for the mundane tasks, and Cortex-A15 ones for the more sophisticated ones.

Samsung re-introduced the public to its YOUM flexible display at CES, which could also end up being used when the Galaxy S4 is built.

Samsung's goal with the new flexible displays is to allow users to fold their tablets and phones for storage purposes. The company could also take advantage of the technology by having a smartphone with a screen extending to the sides where the notifications can be displayed even when the handset is lying down on a flat surface.

Samsung confirmed that the technology is almost ready to be used and should appear on upcoming smartphones and tablets.