Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs: Flexible Display Confirmed for Smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 specs could include a flexible display when it is released next year.

Samsung Display Inc. will start delivering these flexible OLED screens in the near future, according to a report from the BBC.

These bendable displays are also being developed by a slew of other electronics companies including LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia. However, Samsung is supposed to be the first company to have them available on its devices.

Unfortunately there are still no flexible motherboards or batteries available so it might take some time before an actual flexible smartphone is released. Once these components are developed, smartphones like the Galaxy S4 will be able to bend without breaking. It might be a little longer before a tablet or smartphone that is fully flexible is released.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could also end up up being released in the form of high tech glasses.

Google is currently working on a set of computerized glasses called Google Glass that developers are now able to purchase. Microsoft is also working on something similar. This type of technology could be something that could replace smartphones in the near future.

Google Glass will have a tiny screen on the left lens that users will have to look up to see. Apple has been granted a similar patent to create a product such as this one.

Microsoft's glasses utilize augmented reality, unlike the models that Apple and Google are both working on.

These glasses will be a little bit easier to carry around than some of the bulkier smartphones that have been released in the past few years and will probably be able to perform many of the same tasks.

Google Glass sports a different look from traditional glasses, covering only one eye instead of two.

Google released a short video which showed how the glasses would function on an everyday basis.