Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors: Device Could Feature a Wrap-Around Handset Display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could end up featuring a wrap-around display.

The company is rumored to be releasing a smartphone next year that will have the next-gen YOUM technology available, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The device could end up being the company's new flagship.

Bloomberg claims the device will have a display that wraps around the smartphone's sides. All three of the sides of the display will operate independently, which means that notifications and other tasks can be accomplished by simply touching the sides of the phone.

The publication did not confirm which model may have the technology, but it is fair to assume that it could be used for the flagship Galaxy S5 as a new selling point.

The Galaxy S5 rumors have pointed to the company improving other aspects on the handset, including the camera and processor and the display will receive a significant resolution increase.

The company held its first Analyst Day event in eight years recently where it introduced some of the new technology it will use on its devices starting in 2014.

Displays will be greatly improved next year as Samsung will introduce AMOLED panels with pixel densities of up to 560ppi. This would allow Samsung to blow past HTC, who currently has a device with 469ppi with the One handset.

This would also see Samsung move from Full HD on its current handset to WQHD or 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Samsung also hopes to take it even further by having UHD, otherwise known as 4K, displays on its devices starting in 2015. A display with a resolution this high on a smartphone could prove unnecessary in terms of experience, but it is still a great selling point and a way for Samsung to outpace the competition.