Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Specs Rumors: As Expensive as LG G3?


It's only been a few months since the Galaxy S5 was released and people are already looking forward to the next installment to Samsung's flagship smartphone line. It won't be for a while though before the Galaxy S6 is put out into the market as the South Korean tech giant usually waits one year before releasing its next smartphone.

Although other phones like the iPhone 6 or the Nexus 6 or the Galaxy Note 4 are preparing for a 2014 release, Samsung would most likely bide their time before releasing the S6. Like the Galaxy S5 was released during the Mobile World Congress in 2014, the Galaxy S6 would likely come out the same way during the MWC 2015.

It is still unconfirmed as to what specs the Galaxy S6 would be having because of rumors that Samsung is still planning to launch the Galaxy Alpha, an improved version of the S5 which is also known as the Galaxy S5 Prime.

There are rumors that the Galaxy S6 will be using the Super AMOLED screen, much like what Samsung uses on other, more current models. As to the screen size, the S6 could be bigger than the 5.1-inch S5. Speculations place the S6 screen size to 5.5-inches, matching the LG G3.

Matching the screen size of the G3 might not be enough since the LG flagship phone offers a QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution. Samsung could match the G3 or it could choose to surpass it by using a 4K display (3840 x 2160). The 4K display is likely as the Galaxy Note 4 is prepped to have that when it comes out.

A curved screen design or a flexible display is also possible for the S6 since it is already a possibility for the Galaxy Note 4.

Spec-wise, it is expected that the S6 would have more powerful processors than the S5. A 64-bit chip for starters would be possible since Apple is already venturing on that technology with most of its devices running on 64-bit chips. The S6 might have either the Snapdragon 805 or the 810 processor depending on what screen it plans to take. The 805 can support QHD while the 810 can fully support 4K.

For the camera, a 16-megapixel snapper is most possible but Samsung could go up to 20-megapixels.

The S6 could be more expensive than the S5. Some have guessed that it could match the price of the G3 at around $800.