Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.8 Hits the FCC, Device Confirmed

CP recently reported on an 11.8-inch Galaxy Tab that appeared in documentation used in the Apple vs. Samsung trial. Now, it can be officially confirmed that this larger tablet will be released by Samsung in the near future as it just passed through the FCC.

The tablet, codenamed P10 hit the FCC today under the model name GT-P8110. The device reportedly features an 11.8-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, which confirms that it will be of Retina display quality.

The company's plans for the device first surfaced during the Apple vs. Samsung trial now taking place.

It showed up on slide 83 of the company's presentation during the trial. Samsung voluntarily gave up this information, so it cannot claim that its plans for the device were leaked by another party.

An 11.8-inch screen would make this tablet's display slightly bigger than the smallest MacBook Air model. It also makes sense for Samsung to have a display on par with Apple's devices since the company creates many of the screens for iPads and iPhones.

That fact also makes it difficult for Apple to accuse Samsung of stealing its ideas. Other features on this new Galaxy Tab will have to be pretty close to those on the iPad in order for Apple to build a case against them.

BGR was one of the first places to report on this bigger Samsung tablet, doing so at the end of last year. The site also stated that Samsung could have unveiled it at Mobile World Congress, however, that did not happen.

The Korean electronics giant is expected to hold an event in New York City in the middle of August to introduce the updated version of the Galaxy Note 10.1. This could also be the place where the Galaxy Tab 11.8 will be unveiled since the company's documents point to a 2012 release.